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Practical Self Defense Melee Weapons

Posted by on 8/6/2013 to Self Defense

Practical: Likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances.

Self Defense: The countermeasure of defending oneself, one's property, or the well-being of another from harm.

Melee: Close combat or hand-to-hand fighting, often involving the pretense of 'confusion'.

Weapon: An instrument or object of attack or defense, used to injure, incapacitate, or destroy.


Hand to hand combat knifePros: Easy to wield - Sharp cutting edge inflicts heavy damage - Available in variety of shapes and sizes - Can be discreet and well hidden - Multiple uses.

Cons: Often illegal to carry - Will not pass security - Can potentially be turned against the wielder - May need occasional maintenance.

Varieties: Folding - Fixed - Butterfly - Switch/Sliding Blades - Multi Function


batonPros: Non-lethal - Can provide longer attack range - Compact and discreet - Can be improvised from common items

Cons: Requires skill to use effectively - Minimal use/purpose - Delayed draw time.

Varieties: Collapsible - Club - Nightstick - Bludgeon - Two Handed

Electroshock Weapon

stun gunPros: Highly incapacitating - Non-lethal - Serves as effective deterrent - Discreet and easy to wield - Can be long ranged.

Cons: Requires batteries or power source - Prone to failure if misused - Easily damaged - May involve legal issues - Single purpose - Mostly expensive, although you get what you pay for.

Varieties: Stun Gun - Shock Prod - Stun Belts - Tasers - Probe - Bulleted - Fluid

Pepper Spray

spray gunPros: Longer range of attack - Highly incapacitating - Non-lethal - Minimal legal restrictions - Quick draw and easy to carry - Diverse price range available.

Cons: Refills required - Expiration dates - Accuracy dependent on user's ability - Single purpose.

Varieties: Gun - Canister - Key chain Model - Varying Chemical Agents (OC)

Brass Knuckles

brass knucklesPros: Can be used very discreetly - Hidden to the attacker even when deployed - Can be worn and remain hands free - Allows wielding of other weapons simultaneously.

Cons: Minimally damaging - Requires user skill - Potentially injurious to user.

Varieties: Steel - Brass - Iron - Studded - Sharpened - Electro


kubotanPros: Compact and discreet - May attach easily to key chains, packs, or belts - Innocuous to untrained eyes - Highly debilitating when used skillfully.

Cons: Appears non-threatening (pro or con) - Requires skill to use - May have delayed draw time - Minimally damaging with normal use.

Varieties: Key Chain - 2 Handed - Micro - Pen

Hand or Foot Claws

ninja clawPros: Serves multiple use for climbing - Can be innocuous to attacker - May remain hands free.

Cons: Sometimes uncomfortable to wield - Slow to deploy if not already wearing - Requires skill to use.

Varieties: Ninja Jutsu - Climbing - Hands - Feet - Additional Body Part

Monkey Fist

monkey fistPros: Serves many uses outside of self-defense - Can be long ranged - Innocuous to attacker - Non-lethal - Cheap and can be made at home - No legal issues.

Cons: Minimally damaging - May miss with ranged attack (one chance) - Requires skill to use - Difficult to wield.

Varieties: Monkey - Gorilla


stickPros: Provides longer range - Non-lethal but highly debilitating - Serves multiple functions - Can be used from common items.

Cons: Large and bulky to carry or wield - Can easily be turned against defendant - Limited transport and storage options

Varieties: Staff - Stick - Lance - Pole Weapon - Bladed (Spear/Javelin) - Weighted (Mace)


There are lots of weapons one could use for self defense purposes. Weapons designed for hand-to-hand combat can have many advantages over long-range weapons like bows or slingshots. This list discusses several common melee weapons for self defense purposes.

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