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Snake Bite Kit Saves Hunter's Life

Posted by on 5/2/2013 to First Aid and Medical

The subject of preventing and surviving snake bites is not necessarily conclusive. Our own research at the SCS Labs suggest that the pros of attempting to suck snake venom from a bite outweigh the cons. Some other medical experts disagree, respectfully. However, hunter Chad Cross has saved his life by extracting venom from a rattlesnake bite on May 1st, 2013.

coghlans snake bite kit
Something as simple as this device (Coghlans Snake Bite Kit) was used to remove a large amount of venom before it was able to spread throughout his system and eventually reach his heart and kill him.

Chad was out hunting for turkey when a venomous pit-viper rattlesnake bit his lower leg with little or no warning. Chad then proceeded to do exactly what one should do in this situation...

He remained calm, took slow breaths to keep his heart rate down and collectively searched for his Sawyer Extractor (snake bite kit). Although he was not very familiar with how the device worked, it was simple enough to figure out and he was able to properly apply the item at the correct spot to then pump venom out of his blood stream where the fangs entered.

After a sufficient amount of poison had been reduced, Chad began heading for his vehicle where he was then able to seek further medical attention.

Doctors say that they are certain the snake bite kit aided in his ability to survive this bite from a 6 foot timber rattlesnake. Chad described the pain as "being hit with a baseball bat". 

The most important lesson in this situation is that this individual was prepared. He took the time to consider his risks and sought after solutions before he ran into the problem. He stocked up on items he may need and even if he only ever uses this device once in his life, it was well worth the investment.

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