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Zombie Survival Gear Basics

Posted by on 1/20/2014 to Self Defense

There are many useful tools in the Zombie Arsenal, but many of them are probably just different types of bladed weapons, baseball bats or perhaps even some firearms. It's going to take a lot more than weaponry to survive a zombie attack. Here's a short guide/list for stocking up on all necessary gear to help you and you're non-zombified friends and family.


Yeah we obviously know that weapons are a must, and we already mentioned several varieties. Long-range and/or maximum damage type weapons are generally the best way to go. Stay away from non-lethal or close-combat weapons like short knives, stun guns, or batons. Of course if it's all you have, then use it however necessary. Stay as far away as possible when battling the undead.


Shotgun for zombies

You would ideally want to be able to wield a shotgun as your primary defense. It's powerful, relatively mobile and spans a decent range in terms of distance and accuracy. Plus, there's a certain feeling you get blasting away one soulless corpse after another.

Any type of powerful handgun like a .44 Magnum is a great second option or back-up gun. Either way, you'll need to stock plenty of bullets so consider a decent tactical vest for carrying ammunition.

Close Combat

Once your gun ammunition has been exhausted, you will inevitably have to resort to a close-range weapon. Ideally, you still want to keep your distance. The best 2 options are either a baseball bat or a machete.

As a last resort, you may want to keep a small knife handy, at least as a tool if not a weapon for slicing up zombies.Gerber's Zombie Apocalypse Kit definitely has a great selection of tools for all your close-combat needs.


Shotgun for zombies

Your clothing and worn accessories are a major line of defense against a zombie bite. You'll want clothing that is protective yet allows you to remain as mobile as possible. Fortunately, the military has designed some extremely efficient pieces of equipment for this. Remember, even a little scratch can turn you into another member of the walking dead.

Combat Boots

You can get some military-designed boots that are light, durable, and strong. And grippy. And cover a lot of area (high tops). Ok, so these boots are perfect, you must get a pair. Consider throwing in a pair of ninja socks too.

Jeans and a Jacket

Jeans were originally designed for miners. They are strong but allow you to be mobile. Keep them somewhat tight-fitting, not exactly skinny jeans but stay away from baggy clothes. The jacket is a necessity simply because long-sleeves are mandatory for maximum protection. Exposed skin is vulnerable to second-hand infestation even if not directly bitten by a zombie.

Neck Gaiter and Head Gear

In times of battle, you want all areas covered. Ideally, a full set of knights armor should do the trick but that's probably an unrealistic option for most people.

Bug-Out/Survival Kit

A pack full of goodies might go a long way in terms of just pure survival, never mind the fighting zombies factor. See this article for more information on building a survival kit. Without getting in too much detail about every item you should keep in your BOB, we'll provide a short list of some essential to start.


Of course if you're bitten, a first-aid kit won't do any good unless you happen to have the cure. But injuries can occur other ways and you can still get sick in other ways too. Treating your wounds and infections are absolutely critical. There is a lot to creating an ideal first-aid kit, but fortunately there are a ton of quality pre-made kits already. It doesn't matter all that much which one you choose. If you're going to be moving around, pick a small portable kit, otherwise go for the line of first-aid cabinets.

Water Purification

The old-age question related to zombie-ism is if in-fact the "virus" that causes this outbreak can be safely filtered out of a water source. If not, you're screwed. Otherwise, to be on the safe side, I would recommend using a combination of the best water filters on the market that each using a different means of purification and filtration.

For example, the SteriPEN units purify water by means of ultraviolet light. The Puryalytics SolarBag uses long-term exposure to the sun for killing contaminants. Then there are of course traditional filter systems that use carbon filters and chemicals like chlorine dioxide to make your drinking water safe.

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